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Initiated in 1990 Kmt is the premier English-language periodical devoted exclusively to articles on the 3,000 year history, fascinating culture, intriguing personalities and awesome art & architecture of ancient Egypt — including features on the pioneers of Egyptology & their amazing discoveries, plus coverage of modern archaeological exploration and conservation up & down the Nile. If you harbor an abiding interest in all things regarding Kemet (Kmt, the “Black Land,” what the ancient inhabitants of the Nile Valley & Delta called the first nation-state of antiquity), you’ll love every quarterly issue of Kmt! Each magazine-size issue is 88 pages on glossy stock, with 6-8 main features & scores of archival & brand new photos in full color, plus maps, plans & dynamic graphics.
          If you’ve ever visited Egypt in books, television documentaries or in person, you’ll be captivated once again by the allure of that great long-gone civilization which has amazed the modern world since its rediscovery some 200 years ago. If you’re an “armchair Egyptologist” (not necessarily a professional scholar, but enthralled nonetheless by all things ancient Egyptian) Kmt, A Modern Journal of Ancient Egypt will take you to the Two Lands of your daydreams. The Journal’s information packed  articles are written in an “accessible,” easy-to-under-stand style by professional scholars, as well as knowledgeable enthusiasts for everything ancient Egyptian. Most articles are fully documented with “end notes,” enabling readers to pursue further personal study of subjects of special personal interest.
           Regular Journal departments include “Nile Currents,” a quarterly report direct from Egypt on international excavation, conservation & research activities there, as well as personality and museum news; and “For the Record,” what’s just happened and about to happen around the globe regarding ancient Egypt themed publications, television documentaries, films, lectures, symposiums & museum exhibitions. Every issue also includes reviews of recently published books dealing with ancient Egyptian themes.
          Kmt has thousands of readers worldwide (the appeal of ancient Egypt is truly universal) & an Editorial Advisory Board of professional scholars from the U.S., Canada, Great Britain and Egypt. The Journal is available on newsstands, at select museum bookshops & most chain bookstores in the U.S. & abroad; but the best way to be certain to enjoy every quarterly issue is to subscribe. So, shouldn’t you be reading Kmt?
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A Modern Journal of Ancient Egypt
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